Remodeling Women’s Work

Remodeling Women’s Work

Each week on our Good Morning Texas segment, we answer, “Why women?” and their “Why” in reshaping their communities and the world.

Ladies, it’s time to break out the power tools and roll up our sleeves! Join me in recognizing two of our powerful changemakers featured on our WFAA Good Morning Texas segment entitled “Remodeling Women’s Work!

Why are Ashley Bledsoe and Mae Reedy changemakers?

We believe that women’s ideas and voices are transforming the world – Ashley Bledsoe, owner of Bledsoe Hydromulch, and Mae Reedy with Mae Reedy Designs inspire strength and grit within our community and beyond through their fields. Simply put, they are doing the tough stuff – literally and figuratively – to grow and inspire other women!

Both, own, operate, manage…basically do it all – their fully women-owned businesses.

Once you learn a bit about their story, they will inspire us all!

Paving a Path of Differentiation

Q: What makes your business different/unique?

Mae Reedy:

We are women-owned and women-led. We bring a gentle touch to the tough job of remodeling. We approach our projects in a much more personal and meaningful way than the industry standard.

I created this job for myself as a mom that wanted to work and bring my talent to the market on my own schedule and terms. I was a stay-at-home mom, and I wanted to get out there and grow! After assisting in design with so many projects under other contractors, I knew I could do it better in a way that was better for the clients.

I hired other women like myself that were passionate about homes and design, and just needed someone to be flexible with their schedules with their families.

We value a healthy work-life balance, and it shows in our work!

We specialize in restorations- these are truly the hardest jobs- when a client didn’t plan to remodel and is forced to do so due to a natural disaster or plumbing problem. These families need more love and support, and we offer just that. We help them not only get through the difficult time – but we also help them get to the other side of the work truly happy and grateful for the changes.

The way we approach this industry has been so amazingly successful – people have loved the way we work and the way they are treated during their projects. We sat down as a team at the beginning of the year and set goals for ourselves and the company. We have already surpassed those goals and it’s only April!

We are on to something. We are growing and scaling and really making an impact. And making life better for our team and our clients!

I have a sweet 10-month-old boy and 2 daughters. I love them dearly. When I drop my big kids off to school in the morning, I say this as they leave the car “Work hard and be nice to people!” And I mean it. I live by those words and it’s our secret to success. That is the legacy. I’m hoping to leave behind.

Ashley Bledsoe:

One thing that makes Bledsoe Hydromulch different or unique is the fact that I am one of the only females in this male-dominated industry.

I quickly established Bledsoe Hydromulch’s presence as one of the leading experts in the hydro mulching industry when I started back in 2016 and have essentially shaken the industry and fought to bring awareness and light to a niche market that most homeowners are unaware of.

Q: Why You? Why Women?

Mae Reedy:

The future is female. We are nurturers and good listeners. I created my own place in the work force that used the skills I was passionate about. My dad was a contractor and I love my dad. I wanted to do what he does, and I can! I just had to carve the path there myself, and I’m bringing other lovely women there with me. The journey is better together.

Ashley Bledsoe:

My mission, or WHY for Bledsoe Hydromulch is to is to restore the earth’s beauty, one project at a time. I truly want to leave this world better than how I found it every single time. With each project, I am taking something that people view as destroyed, ruined or unfixable, and I am transforming it into something beautiful and purposeful all while, all while providing an environmentally and economically friendly cost alternative to sod.

My goal is to create an exceptional landscape for our customer base that provides beauty and value for years to come.

Why women? Because there is a powerful shift happening in the world right now, where women are uniting and stepping into their power like never before. I feel it is an exciting time for women-owned businesses, especially in Texas, and want to encourage other women who may be timid or fearful of stepping into their full potential, that you CAN DO IT!! Stop listening to your excuses and your fear and take that leap! Now is the time!!

The Future of Empowerment & Women Changemakers

The future of women changemakers is looking bright. With more women than ever before taking on leadership roles in the workforce, there is no doubt that we will continue to see progress being made in terms of gender equality.

We can be sure the future is female, and women changemakers will continue to lead the way in sharing their stories and inspiring others to act. We can expect to see more women stepping out of the shadows and into positions of power where they can continue to help bring about positive change.

So, what does all this mean for you? If you’re a woman who wants to make a difference, now is the time to do it. There has never been a better time to be a changemaker. We need to continue to support and invest in women-led businesses, that enable women to thrive. So, get out there and make your voice heard!

If you haven’t seen The Girl Cave segment with Ashley Bledsoe and Mae Reedy on WFAA Good Morning Texas, you can watch it here!

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